Vacuum Dust Cleaner - Dechappy
Vacuum Dust Cleaner - Dechappy
Vacuum Dust Cleaner - Dechappy
Vacuum Dust Cleaner - Dechappy
Vacuum Dust Cleaner - Dechappy
Vacuum Dust Cleaner - Dechappy

Vacuum Dust Cleaner

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  • Designed to get dust out of every nook and cranny.
  • Get rid of all the dust you couldn’t reach before Great for vents, keyboards, drawers, window blinds, furniture, toy boxes, toolboxes, silverware drawers,carseven your pets.It is the best cleaning tool ever.
  • Made with 36 flexible, micro-size suction tubes, that are flexible,which can get anywhere that dust hides.It gets into even the tiniest cracks & crevices.also well for those tiny areas where a normal vacuum attachment might not fit like tight corners, and weird angles.
  • It's also perfect for allergic and asthma sufferers. Combined with a vacuum made especially for the removal of fine dust, the fine dust pollution is greatly reduced. The dust is directly sucked into the vacuum without being stirred up, which has a positive effect in a hygienic household.


  • Universal vac attachment picks up dust like no other.
  • Flexible tubes dust around objects - no need to move things before dusting.
  • Can be used with any vacuum, regardless of size or shape with the included adapter.
  • Saves time and money
  • Is sturdy and resilient.
  • Great for cleaning book shelves, light fixtures, window blinds, couches, jewelry boxes & more.
  • Ergonomic grip for comfort & control
  • Lessens dust pollution in the home
  • Cleans faster and more effectively than conventional cleaning products.
  • Is antistatic*


    This vacuum attachment contains dozens of tiny suction tubes that pick up dust and dirt as they move. These suction tubes are flexible, so they'll reach almost anywhere, including into an air vent or down a drain. Since they're softer than hard plastic, they won't cause damage to fragile objects while sucking up dust around them, and they're small enough that they won't automatically suck up tiny objects.