Tire Repair Cold Patch

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Cold patches repair car tire punctures quickly and effectively. They can fix anything from a nail hole to big cuts by seamlessly sealing the damaged area.

High viscosity and strong adhesion for an exceptional repairing the breakage of the tire. Repair can last for a long time with no leaks, tears or cracks.


  • Breakage Repair

It restores dangerous punctures and wide cracks by concealing the damaged area.

  • Easy to Use

Easy to apply with minimal needs for tools,  taking only a few minutes to complete

  • Durable Results

Eliminate your car tire problems simply, inexpensively and permanently, no matter the weather.

  • Instantly Ready

Immediately ready for the road after repairment, no waiting or drying time.

  • Compact Design

Sizing only 25MM, perfect for keeping in the glove compartment in case of emergency.


Size: 25MM

Color: Black


100x / 200x Tire Repair Cold Patch