Thermal Joint Healing Belt

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Thin and easy to apply, the wrap-around belt provides up to 12 hours of targeted, sustained temporary pain relief of hip pain, back pain, muscular aches and joint pain or stiffness. 

Comfortable to wear, this belt can be worn around your back and hips (secured by velcro) over clothing to provide all day relief, so you can get back in the game.


  • Healing Aid

Works by increasing blood flow to the affected area providing more oxygen and nutrients to aid the healing process and helps restore movement.

  • Effective Pain Relief

Penetrates 200-300 times deeper than conventional heating belts for fast-acting pain relief and detoxification. 

  • Lower Back Support

Designed with 4 copper wires to keep your posture correct and support your lower back.

  • Preventive Care

This belt provides better stability through the core areas of the pelvis, hip and lower back to help reduce injury.

  • Comfortable

Slimline design belt with adjustable velcro for a comforting fit.


Size: S - xL

Color: Black


1x Thermal Joint Healing Belt