High Flying Styrofoam Gliders

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Hand launch glider planes with 10 LED flashing lights, inspire kids D.I.Y. interest and ability, a great chance for kids to cooperate with their friends and family. 

Learn how to launch and control airplane toys, help their little ones develop hand-eye coordination, critical thinking skills with a fun way.


  • Cultivate Skills

Improve their coordination, observation and sense of direction. 

  • All Parts

Hand launch glider plane consists of the fuselage and two wings, easy to assemble and disassemble.

  • Premium Materials

Made of EPP high-polymer material, new environmentally-friendly material - lightweight, good elasticity with great impact resistance. 

  • 3 Flight Modes

Gliding Mode / Gyrant Mode /  Reverse Mode, explore all the different directions to throw off the plane. 

  • For Everyone

Not only for kids, the whole family can enjoy the happy hours of flying fun at the park. 

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Style: Plain Plane / Flashing Plane

Color: Blue, Red, Orange, Green


1x High Flying Styrofoam Gliders Fuselage

2x High Flying Styrofoam Gliders Wings